The Blue Planet Centre is active with new aquarium installations, aquarium maintenance and supply of Corals and Marine and fresh water fishes. We believe that with our experience we can supply a great level of care, from a simple small tank to an extremely delicate and sophisticated system.



Our maintenance services cover every area of aquatics. We can supply unique care of the most demanding animals on regular basis. Or if you just need a one of visit for holiday care, we can perform to your requirements.

We currently look after aquariums and ponds of every type, be it sensitive marine fish, the most challenging tropical fish and ornamental pond species. Our client list spans from private individuals who just need a little help now and then, serious keepers of fish who want regular maintenance, corporate environments with specific needs, right up to the royal family who require impeccable standards of care. We can deliver whatever you require.


New systems

With decades of experience we are specialised in overseeing the new design of aquatic creations. We can follow the project from beginning to end and supply all the components needed for the completion of the project.



We have a reputation in supplying specific fish for our customer’s needs. We encourage you to get in touch if you are after something special. On numerous occasions we have collected everything from sharks and looked after their care as they are transported through Europe, right down two very delicate octopi and jellyfish. We do are due diligence with the supplier and buyer to make sure the animals welfare is paramount.